Frequently Asked Questions about the Portland Underground Exchange event.

F. A. Q.


* Notice: *

Saturday night’s Community Discussion and lesson will be in a different room called The Tower within Alberta Abbey. After the lesson we’ll start the dance in the main ballroom at 9pm.



We’ll be at the Alberta Abbey again this year. Please keep your conversations outside the venue to a low volume during the dance to avoid disturbing the neighbors. There is also very little cell reception in the venue, so keep in mind that you may need to walk outside to make or receive any calls or get updates.

The address is: 126 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211 (map)


There is parking in the lot across the street from the venue and around the corner on NE Mallory Ave. Please avoid parking in front of the neighbors houses as much as possible. Map of parking lot and entrance: click here!


If you’re driving to Portland from a different city or state, you can use our DIY rideshare doc to carpool and reduce your environmental impact. This doc will be published soon on our Register page!


If you need a place to stay while you’re in town for the event this weekend our Housing Coordinator will help you find someone local to host you. This doc will be published soon on our Register page!


If you haven’t registered yet - Don’t Worry! We will be selling tickets at the door this year. Tickets will be $59 for the entire weekend. And if you'd prefer to attend for a single night we'll be charging these rates at the door:

  • Friday: $25

  • Saturday: $25

  • Sunday: $20


The 30-minute Instructor “moves” sessions will happen Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 8:30-9pm. These sessions are included in the dance pass cost, so you don’t need to pay extra to attend. We encourage any and everyone to show up! The dance itself will start at 9pm right afterward. We have the full schedule and more information here: click here!


At our event there will be fantastic DJ music from a variety of genres played by some of the best dance DJs on the West Coast. This includes - but isn't limited to - Blues, Electronic, Latin, Dubstep, and Swing music. These will be the DJs this year:

  • Rose Crespo

  • Leah Vendl

  • Tony Sciscio

  • Ally Yancey

  • Mark Carpenter

  • Wispra Smith

  • Ariadne Santa Maria

  • Rheanna Murray

  • Rachel Stirling

  • Finley Morefield

  • Reid Bondurant

  • Ben Long

  • Emily Plate

  • Eleanor Chen

  • Daniel Bullard-Bates

  • Nis Klausen

The schedule for the DJs is on our Schedule page.


We will have some snacks available for you to graze on throughout the weekend. We’ve paid in advance for specific food items to be available, and you can get those from the bar at any time. We won’t be serving beverages other than water, but there will be a bar open with a variety of beverages available including coffee, tea, juice, beer, wine, and cocktails.


In addition to the music, snacks, and lessons we’ll also Ryan Limbaugh with his massage table again if you'd like to sign up for some A M A Z I N G touch during the event. Massages are an additional charge if that’s something you’d like to partake in over the weekend, and not included in the dance pass price.

We’ll also have some Community Discussions led by Eleanor Chen before the Instructor “moves” lessons each night if you’d like to participate. We do ask for a donation to attend these discussions, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds and we want everyone to join. We have more details here: click here!

Alcohol (21+):

This event is all ages, but there will be a bar available this year if you’d like to purchase alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, or food in addition to what we’re providing. The bar will serve alcohol till 2am, and will remain open till 4am for non-alcoholic purchases after. They will ID you at the bar and provide a bracelet if you plan to purchase anything alcoholic. We just ask that you maintain a level of sobriety and composure for the dance. If you’re putting other people’s safety or comfort at risk from your level of intoxication you may be asked to stop dancing or to leave the venue.

We will have a no tolerance policy for underage drinking as well. If you’re caught sharing alcohol with someone underage you will both be asked to leave the event for the entirety of the weekend. Please please please don’t make us kick you out, we’re all here to have an amazing time dancing and sharing space with each other.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Portland Underground Exchange is a POC & LGBTQIA safe event. This means bigotry of any kind is not tolerated. If you experience or see anything questionable, please let someone on the operations team know. Thanks for helping keep our dance a safe and welcoming space for all!


This venue is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. All entrances require the ability to use stairs.